Bsmart: a user friendly building automation system

Bsmart is a high-end residential tower based on a building management system where a smart automation system was provided by the American leader in the industry, Crestron, and designed and executed by Guardia Systems Team. The system covers the building control requirements such as lighting control (On/Off and dimming), shutter and blinds control (Open/Close), heating, ventilation and air conditioning, irrigation system, energy management and access control.

Guardia Systems has acquired the project with the aim of improving the occupant’s greater comfort and convenience, the efficient operation of building systems, and the reduction in energy consumption and operating costs.

Bsmart is a 7-floor residential building with a 400sqm apartment per flat and a 3-underground floor parking located in the heart of Achrafieh – Beirut. It has multiple features helping the residents control the entire environment with an elegant touch screen or from their mobile device.

  • Energy management & monitoring: It displays information on energy consumption and helps managing and controlling energy loads to keep the tenant much more aware of his energy use. It features a display such that the user can display on the touch screen the consumptions inside his home of the electrical energy, water and fuel consumption.
  • Access control: The purpose of the RFID and security system is to control access to the areas depending on the cardholder credentials. Access through any such points is controlled through UHF RFID long-range readers with biometric readers.
  1. When the tenant arrives at the GF parking, the RFID reader detects his windshield tag and the correspondent bollard is lowered to allow parking.
  2. When the tenant arrives at the GF building entrance, the RFID reader detects his tag. In case he does not carry his tag, he badges at the biometric reader.
  3. In both cases, the lift is recalled to the GF, the tenant enters and the RFID system then sends a destination select signal to the lift control that corresponds to the floor of that tenant.
  • Videophone: It helps recognizing the visitor and guiding him to the floor of the tenant. When the visitor arrives at the building entrance, he calls his host via the video-intercom door portal. From the automation screen touch, the host would have the possibility of:
  1. Opening the main entrance door
  2. Sending the lift to the GF
  3. Managing the lift control and sending a destination select signal that corresponds to his floor.

The advantage of this outstanding project remains in its intelligence. Guardia Systems has delivered a sophisticated yet user-friendly automation system to enhance the lifestyle of Bsmart residents.

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