Guardia Systems sponsors the Iraqi Banking Forum

Having keen interests in the Iraqi market in general and in the fast growing banking sector in specific, Guardia Systems sponsored the Iraqi Banking Forum that was held on the 15th and 16th of September 2015 in Phoenicia hotel in Beirut- Lebanon, under the patronage of the Iraqi Central Bank and Al Iktissad Wal Aamal group and in cooperation with the Lebanese Central Bank.

The Forum was held with the participation of the Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank and a group of Iraqi, Lebanese and Arab bankers in addition to experts, economists and representatives of specialized media outlets.

The Forum tackled all banking challenges in light of the current security and political situation in Iraq. During his intervention, Mr. Chadi Rahi, Business Development and Sales Manager at Guardia Systems, stressed on the importance of profiting from the security industry revolution and fast development to secure and protect the introduction of the e-banking, automatic banking payment and their required infrastructure.

A workshop was also held in parallel to the Forum. Mr. Rahi and Mr. Mustafa Jaber, Regional Account Manager for Iris Guard, introduced to the public the iris scan technology that facilitates all banking transactions using the human iris. They have also conducted a live demonstration of the procedure.

The participants were impressed by the innovative services Guardia Systems can offer in this sector.

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