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IP Cameras

Our broad selection of IP cameras are designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. They are customized for any environment, any lighting condition and any application.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Our range of thermal cameras are extremely suited for border surveillance and protection. They accurately detect human-sized targets several kilometers away and operate by using reliable infrared technology.


Our techniques feature high powered zoom capability, giving the exact field of view required and providing high visibility plate images and distances essential for traffic surveillance, day and night.

Analytics Cameras

Our high definition analytics cameras can be trusted to provide real-time threat detection surveillance. They are extremely accurate, scalable and reliable to track objects and recognize abnormalities.

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Guardia Systems offers fully integrated reliable and flexible solution to meet all requirements. This service assists with tracking all accesses and ensures that only authorized individuals enter the area, helping to guarantee the safety and security of an organization’s material assets and operations.

  • Time Attendance: such as electronic tags, bar-code badges, magnetic stripe cards, bio-metrics and touch screens.
  • Iris Scan Recognition: It is the most accurate out of all bio-metric technologies that measures the unique patterns of your eye to identify and authenticate.
  • Walk-through Metal Detectors: It detects ferrous metal objects and locates concealed objects that may threaten business environment.
  • Turnstiles & Speed Gates: They are the very latest in high tech entrance control systems for pedestrian passage and can be connected with different kinds of recognition or surveillance system.
Vehicle & Objects
  • Road Blockers: They are the ultimate in perimeter protection with built in stopping power.
  • Bollards: They ensure protection against ram-vehicles and answers the most demanding requirements of access control.
  • Under Vehicle Inspection System: It provides a safe and rapid method of examining vehicles undercarriages.
  • X-Ray Scanners: The inspection system offers highest 3D image quality in the search for weapons and contraband in baggage, mail and freight.
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Parking Guidance

Guardia Systems offers solutions to optimize space administration and increase car park occupancy significantly:

  • Enhance customer service and convenience through easy driving and parking
  • Control signs, sensors, space indicators lights and data management software
  • Easy to operate and user friendly
Parking Management

Our state-of-the-art technology offers you an easy, efficient and effective solution to all your parking needs. Guardia Systems guarantees profit yielding parking facility management with its high-quality and long-lasting barriers and POS.

  • Ticket issue for hourly users
  • Tariff management
  • Easy to use due to robust and reliable Pay on Foot machine
  • Prepaid and credit cards enabled payments
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Fire Fighting

Our team of experts focuses on designing solutions customized depending on each company’s premises, spaces and requirements but usually includes a large store of water in tanks, specialized pumping system and a large network of pipes ending in either hydrants or sprinklers.

Fire Truck

Fire Trucks are highly customized depending on their needs and the duty they will be performing. You specify the requirements and Guardia Systems builds the vehicle with a wide range of cab variants and highly flexible superstructure concepts.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm System detects and alerts people through visual and audio appliances when smoke/fire is present. It offers reliable and early detection, allowing more time for evacuation.

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Data Center

Known as the server farm or the computer room, the data center is where the majority of an enterprise’s servers and storage are located, operated and managed.

Guardia Systems provides all the required solutions and systems to secure the data center environment through designing and equipping the below:

  • Raised floor
  • Special precision cooling system that controls the temperature and humidity
  • Electrical & Civil works
  • High level of security for accessing the center via:
    • CCTV
    • Iris Scan Recognition
    • Fire Rated Doors
    • UPS and backup power solutions
Network Operation Center

Network Operation Center Solutions provide a 24/7 reliable video wall to support unique applications such as:

  • Surveillance & Security
  • Broadcast Monitoring
  • Intelligent Traffic System
  • Power & Utilities
  • Public/Emergency services
  • Telecommunications

Control Room staff can arrange the information and images from multiple feeds for a single seamless large scale display and can monitor, detect, analyze and act on critical information before any threat.

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Electronic Article Surveillance

Guardia Systems offers market leading technologies for retailers to create a store environment that is smart and safe through solutions that help loss prevention, anti-shoplifting and traffic intelligence.

Interactive Signage

From point-of-sale and kiosks to multi-user video walls, Guardia Systems offers a wide range of touch screen display solutions depending on project’s needs.


Make your property a smart one with innovative automation solutions from Guardia Systems that easily help you manage and control audio and video equipment, lights, shades and thermostats.

Hotel Solutions

Our Solutions provide efficient and intelligent room management to monitor a real-time overview of the room status all controlled via interactive device.

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