For over 30 years, Guardia Systems has transformed the realms of IT and networking systems, as well as turnkey ELV and security projects, as part of its mission to engineer innovation for a more agile world.
Across the MENA region, with hubs in Lebanon and Iraq, the specialized team of innovative engineers and technicians at Guardia Systems, are dedicated to create and
customize state-of-art technologies based on clients’ diverse needs.
Today, with thousands of completed projects, Guardia Systems’ portfolio includes projects in numerous sectors, such as telecomcommunications, banking and financial institutions, oil and gas, airports and transportation, healthcare and hospitality, corporate and retail.


IT, Networking and
Security Solutions

Designed and installed 
datacenter turnkey solutions

Servers installed in clients’ premises across the region

Network Nodes powering telecommunications networks

Installed cameras, for optimal surveillance and security
Total Cabinets (O/I) installed in various locations

Maintenance contract per year

Terabytes of storage installed


More than 14,000
Terabytes of storage
capacity installed

First private cloud
installation PCA in Iraq

Largest Dell-EMC
storage solution in the
Middle East

First supercluster
system installed in Iraq

Largest core banking solution in Iraq

First in-building modular in-row cooled data center in Lebanon

First modular data center in Lebanon


To digitize the organizations that power the world, through customized innovation and integration.


To continually provide custom solutions in the realms of IT, Networking, ELV and security, across an expansive range of industries, through designing and implementing systems and transferring knowledge, to create a more agile, secure and intelligent world.



Trust is a two-way street. We are entrusted to deliver excellence that works.


A Growth mindset that mirrors the aspirations of corporations and institutions.


Opportunity creators for a digitized, innovative and more secure world.


Designed Technology to power systems for seamless functionality.


Support in the form of
expertise and knowledge


Quality assurance with every node, network, camera and system installation.


The culture instilled across all levels of Guardia Systems is one of unparalleled excellence and deep expertise.

Powered by talented engineers, technicians and visionary managers, the complexities of projects are simplified for custom-made solutions to be delivered, time and time again.

However, the long-term sustainability and seamless functionality of the devised systems and solutions is dependent on the people that operate them. Hence, transfer of knowledge, through hands-on live training, is integral to Guardia Systems.


Guardia Systems is committed to delivering a consistent level of excellent service in order to achieve customer satisfaction while maintaining safe working practices, adhering to ethical business conduct, complying with relevant standards, and paying special attention to having minimal impact on the environment. This is supported by careful involvement of all our team members, as adequat􀀊, through a proactive process of continual improvement designed to promote customer confidence, deliver organizational value, and sustain a profitable business.

Our commitment to quality, health and safety, and the environment, is ensured by adopting an integrated approach to our management system in line with relevant legislation, regulations, statutory, and other legal as well as industry’s best practices, and in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 international standards.

We pledge to:

  • Comply with all quality, environment, health & safety requirements.
  • Identify, prevent, control, and minimize adverse environmental impacts associated with our operational activities.
  • Identify, prevent, control, and minimize potential psychosocial issues, occupational health and safety risks and hazards, and adopt best practices to prevent ill health & injuries.
  • Establish and maintain a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Develop and maintain a highly motivated and trained workforce.
  • Promote effective communication to report quality, environment, and health & safety issues.
  • Keep in view and address community concerns.
  • Keep abreast with technological advancements.
  • Communicate our-policy to our main stakeholders and other interested parties.
  • Continually review and improve as needed our quality, environment and health & safety policy, objectives, and performance.


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