Erbil International Airport

Guardia Systems signed a contract with Erbil International Airport for the delivery, commissioning and training of 1 Iveco Super Dragon x8 featuring highly technical characteristics to meet the ICAO latest regulations. It was manufactured by Magirus – Iveco a world-renowned leader in fire truck and delivered 18 months later. This Vehicle was a prerequisite for the clearance of the airbus 380 to land in Irbil airport.
The specifications included:

  • Water tank capacity of 12,500 liters
  • Foam capacity of 1,500 liters
  • Powder capacity of 500 kg

Roumieh prison - Lebanon

Roumieh Prison is the largest detention center in Lebanon. It consists of five buildings and is equipped to accommodate thousands of prisoners within its walls. Guardia Systems has created a complete turnkey Data Center and surveillance solution to monitor all of the buildings, courtyards and main entrance of the facility. The highlights of the project include:

  • An 8 racks Data Center
  • 400 IP and thermal cameras including a complete fiber network infrastructure and Fsona Link
  • Command and Control Center to accommodate 15 operators
  • Data Center
  • Iris Scan Recognition

Karbala Governorate

A mission critical communication backbone in Karbala Governorate was optimized and upgraded. The scope included a DWDM Fiber Network, which connects a major switch to an ITPC backbone, a space diversity Microwave that links as a redundancy in case of a fiber cut and indoor DWDM Multiplexers. In addition, Guardia Systems designed, certified and implemented a 70 meter 4 leg tower, as well as the entire power system, with earthing to protect against lightning.

Tikrit Border Project

Situated in a critical and sensitive location, Guardia Systems took on the challenge to design and implement a complete solution, to scan all type of vehicles, containers and large trucks, for all the main access points and checkpoints at the various borders of Tikrit.

Municipality of Beirut (MOB)

The Municipality of Beirut appointed Guardia Systems to create an advanced surveillance network in the capital Beirut, to raise the level of security and safety. The project is designed with state-of-the-art technologies in the realm of city surveillance systems. Project Highlight include:

  • 2000 cameras distributed over 350 points of surveillance and differ between fixed and PTZ cameras
  • Automatic number plate recognition cameras to specify the type and direction of the cars and to track the vehicles without plate numbers
  • Two data centers with a storage capacity of 10 000 terabytes
  • Two control rooms equipped to host 100 operators and the techniques used for the video wall and the video management software are the latest internationally.

Upon the successful completion of the Beirut city surveillance project, Guardia Systems designed and implemented the First Modular Data Center in Lebanon, with 24 racks in Karantina, for the Municipality of Beirut.

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