The security and protection of physical locations, individuals and assets is a top priority, given the growing risks that the world is exposed to.

At Guardia Systems, the team of engineers studies the core requirements based on each sector, and devises ELV and Security solutions to ensure optimal protection. 

Physical Security

At Guardia Systems, designing systems and solutions for optimal physical security, based on the location’s complex requirements, is a core area of specialization. The scope includes interconnected video surveillance networks, linked to real-time access controls, situational management and intrusion systems.

Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Systems

In order to detect and contain fires, Guardia Systems’ team of engineers and technicians study the premises and install the required systems, which include fire alarms, fire-fighting mechanisms, to control and contain the spread of fires.


Deemed high traffic locations with substantial levels of movement, Guardia Systems designs customized retail solutions for stores and shopping malls for increased performance and profitability, and reduced exposure to risks. We also design Parking Management Systems to manage the circulation of cars, for greater traffic intelligence.

Security & Scanning

As a necessary layer of protection for high traffic locations or areas that require greater security, Guardia Systems assesses the locational requirements, and installs cargo scanners, vehicle scanners, baggage scanners and metal detectors to mitigate risks and threats.

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