Four Points Hotel, Lagos

As a venue with high traffic and exposed to numerous risks, Guardia Systems handled the supply and maintenance of Quantum Sniffers Explosive detectors for the Four Points Hotel in Lagos.

Sheraton Hotel, Lagos

A complete security system was designed for Sheraton Hotel, including the supply, installation and maintenance of a CCTV solution (comprised of nearly 150 cameras) with storage and a control room, as well as Quantum sniffers and explosive detectors.

American University of Beirut Medical Center - Lebanon

AUBMC is the largest and busiest hospital in Lebanon with thousands of visitors coming in and out on a daily basis. The access control system, designed by Guardia Systems, has helped with hospital control the visitor management, protect restricted areas and monitor staff movement.

Hotel Dieu de France - Lebanon

Hotel Dieu de France is leader in healthcare, with multiple entry points. The system designed by Guardia Systems, consists of customizing an intricate parking management solution with a high level of robustness, user interface to ensure a smooth traffic control and management of the car flow.

Monla Hospital - Lebanon

As the biggest hospital in North Lebanon, Monla Hospital was already equipped with an analog system by Guardia Systems. This system was integrated with brand new IP cameras through specific decoders, linked to the existing units.

Bellevue Medical Center - Lebanon

The solution devised by Guardia Systems for Bellevue Medical Center consists of hybrid CCTV cameras, to preserve the existing analog cameras. Guardia Systems has changed the CMS software to unify all the cameras and connect them to one centralized managing and monitoring platform.

Clemenceau Medical Center- Lebanon

For Clemenceau Medical Center, Guardia Systems designed and implemented a surveillance system that can monitored from several locations in real-time, with security personnel accessing a live feed at all times.

Warwick Babylon Hotel - Iraq

Warwick Babylon Hotel is the busiest hotel in Baghdad and a meeting point for diplomats and businesspersons. Accordingly, Guardia Systems installed a surveillance system safeguarding the employees and visitors from potential terrorist attacks.

Le Gray Hotel - Lebanon

The luxurious Le Gray Hotel is located in the prestigious downtown area in Beirut. The HD CCTV system, designed by Guardia Systems, covers the elevators and guest corridors and helps generate reports on how many people came through the door, approached the front desk or the direction in which they went.

Beit Beirut - Lebanon

Beit Beirut is a museum and urban cultural center built in the Ottoman revivalist style. Recently, it was renovated and welcomes hundreds of visitors across the different levels. Guardia Systems created a high-end intrusion detection system to preserve the assets and valuable pieces of the museum.

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