In an era of digital transformations and heightened connectivity, organizations require complex systems to be designed to suit their unique needs.

With Guardia Systems, IT and Networking solutions are designed and implemented by a team of innovative engineers and technicians, to ensure optimal performance and functionality.

Data Centers & Transmission


We design data centers as the core component of the entire system, which house the active elements related to storage, servers, networks, IT and telecommunications. Guardia systems has pioneered in this field, as the first company to implement prefabricated Modular Data Centers in Lebanon and Iraq.


We design and implement smart structured cabling infrastructure, to transmit information between all the network nodes, at the highest speeds possible.

Network Infrastructure and Storage

At Guardia Systems, we design and implement complex network infrastructure, which includes the required hardware and software, as well as necessary storage systems. Our designed help streamline operations and communications, using completely secure digital technologies.

Banking Solutions

For banks and financial institutions across the region, Guardia Systems designs and implements solutions that facilitate, secure and enhance systems. We offer turnkey data centers, data protection, core banking software, AML, payments processing, storage solutions, digitization plans and networking solutions.

Process Digitization

In a highly connected world, processes are digitized and optimized by devising unique systems, as part of Guardia Systems’ core offering. The scope of designed solutions seeks to streamlines internal processes and includes Business Process Management (BPM), Document Management Systems (DMS) and Business Intelligence solutions. Each system is designed and implemented based on clients’ unique needs, with high-tech mediums including Database, Cloud, SaaS, PaaS and storage solutions.

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