United Nations Economic Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) - Lebanon

The location of the prestigious ESCWA building in down town is highly vulnerable and exposed from numerous
angles. Guardia Systems proposed measures to reduce
its exposure to higher-intensity blasts and the impact of vehicle-borne devices. The scope included:

  • State-of-the-art perimeter access control system: Fiber Fence perimeter protection
    Fixed and Mobile Road Blockers
    Mobile Access Control
  • The system core components are gathered in 2 data centers (Active – Active) and controlled via a control room of 12 operators.

Australian Embassy - Iraq

Attacks on embassies are a common occurrence especially when located in a turbulent zone like Baghdad, Iraq. The project consists of:

  • Fixed and PTZ cameras with all the related network infrastructure and monitoring stations, including storage with high availability.
  • The perimeter surveillance system can detect any attempt to cut or climb the fence and is integrated with the CCTV system to provide verification and tracking of intruders.



The UNAMI headquarters consists of 5 buildings related to the United Nations that can be all affected in case a fire occurs. A complex system was designed and implemented which includes:

  • Full fire detection system exceeding 700 alarm points.
  • The system connects all the fire alarm systems of the different buildings together and is centralized in a main operating room.

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