Hypco - Lebanon

Hypco is one of the largest oil distributors company in Lebanon and has recently become eco-friendly. The smart lighting management system in more than 100 gas stations has reduced the energy usage by up to 70%.

Total - Nigeria

The electrical fence perimeter protection for Total Eko Tower spans over 24,500 squared meters of land and helps prevent intruders from reaching the 17 floor premises mainly composed of office floors, an auditorium, restaurants and a heliport.

Nigerdock - Nigeria

A mission critical communication backbone in Karbala Governorate was optimized and upgraded. The scope included a DWDM Fiber Network, which connects a major switch to an ITPC backbone, a space diversity Microwave that links as a redundancy in case of a fiber cut and indoor DWDM Multiplexers. In addition, Guardia Systems designed, certified and implemented a 70 meter 4 leg tower, as well as the entire power system, with earthing to protect against lightning.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation - Nigeria

To mitigate the risks associated with explosives and destructive devices, Guardia Systems installed X-ray machines at various checkpoint locations within the building premises.

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