ABC Department Store - Lebanon

ABC Department Stores are by far the busiest shopping and lifestyle destination with a total of six branches in Lebanon. Thus, Guardia Systems installed a convenient parking management system that provides customers with a friendly graphical interface and multiple payment options. Components of the system include:

  • Parking Management System including 30 entry and exit terminals for more than 5000 visitors per day.
  • The terminals consist of automatic barriers and barcode technology ticket dispensers and readers.

Le Mall - Lebanon

For Le Mall, a main shopping center in Lebanon, Guardia Systems devised a CCTV system to help monitor shoppers in the common areas, including food courts, walkways and parking lots.

Beirut Souks - Lebanon

Guardia Systems introduced a technological system to simplify the flow and traffic in the 7 floor parking lot, for the visitors of Beirut Souks. The parking management system has been implemented to control the flow of cars, across the multi-level parking at the mall, as well as track, control and generate reports.

City Center - Iraq

Hotel Dieu de France is leader in healthcare, with multiple entry points. The system designed by Guardia Systems, consists of customizing an intricate parking management solution with a high level of robustness, user interface to ensure a smooth traffic control and management of the car flow.

Carrefour - Iraq

Carrefour is situated in the heart of Family Fun Mall in Erbil. Guardia Systems has implemented a successfully functioning fire alarm and security system to safeguard the shoppers, goods and items in stock.

Chalhoub Group - Lebanon

Chalhoub Group are leaders in luxury across the Middle East with more than 30 outlets in Lebanon. The people count system devised by Guardia Systems designed for the Group, helps monitor pedestrian traffic, increases profitability and improves operational efficiency.

Alshaya - Lebanon

Alshaya is a pioneering force in the retail franchise sector. The surveillance system implemented by Guardia Systems is composed of a centralized control room to monitor more than 55 shops via 6 operators.

National Retailers Group - Lebanon

For the leading fashion group in Lebanon, National Retailers Group, Guardia Systems has implemented an anti-theft solution that protects its outlets from the risks brought on by hundreds of visitors every day.

Azadea - Lebanon

Azadea Group is the leading retail group in Lebanon with more than 100 outlets. Guardia Systems designed a tailored solution, which includes a centralized CCTV system to monitor the several branches from the headquarters and its related access points, as well as implemented an Electronic Anti Shoplifting and People Counting system. The scope also included intrusion detection systems and fire alarms.

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