Central Bank of Iraq (CBI)

Several projects have been designed and managed on behalf of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). CBI has continually positioned itself as a pioneer in implementing the most technologically advanced solutions. The major projects include:

  • An Oracle Exadata Database Machine solution, which hosts the entire critical database of the bank, for the main data center and disaster recovery center. It was equipped with an Oracle Active Data Guard Replication solution to allow an active-active high availability solution.
  • An Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) was designed and installed, as the first of its kind in Iraq. Installation at the Main data center, as well as one for disaster recovery, which are fully redundant and host some of CBI most critical applications.


Al Rafidain Bank is the largest bank in Iraq. Guardia Systems was tasked to transform the bank from a paper-based legacy system, to a completely digitized system, built using the latest technologies. Stepping into a new era of banking, the Oracle Flexcube Universal Banking Solution was implemented, which included:

  • The design, supply and installation of servers, storage, applications, licenses, accessories, and cabling for the equipment installed in the main data center and the disaster recovery data center.
  • Full Core banking solution to cater to up to 2 million accounts available.
  • Complete implementation team for all the phases including onsite and offshore coverage.
  • Project management, planning, coordination and reporting.


Bank Audi is the largest bank in Lebanon with several buildings that make up its headquarters, with over 120 branches across Lebanon. Guardia Systems created a solution to provide the bank with low current solutions.

  • An advanced surveillance system distributed between the HQ, the branches and Kfour Disaster Recovery Centre.
  • Card reader for 7500 employees.
  • Intrusion Detection.
  • Fire Detection from Esser and a Vesda aspiration detection connected to a Novec Fire Suppression System for Kfour Recovery Center.


Capitalizing on the successes of the systems designed and implemented for Bank Audi in Lebanon, the security and safety systems for all Bank Audi’s branches in Iraq (Baghdad, Basra, Sulaymaniah, Najaf and Erbil) were awarded to Guardia Systems. The scope included CCTV networks, fire alarm systems, access control, videophone, SMATV and intrusion alarm solutions.


Guardia Systems has installed all access control in the prestigious building of Byblos Bank tower in Beirut, allowing employees to access their offices in a safe and secure manner, in addition to the designated parking lots.


Guardia Systems designed an entire system, for Byblos Bank’s ATM network in Iraq. The system includes surveillance cameras and access control systems to ATM machines for all credit-card holders.


The turnkey project carried out by Guardia Systems for BankMed in Iraq, included the installation of a turnkey CCTV network, as well as an intrusion detection system to prevent theft and violent acts.


Optimized solutions are required for the high-risk environment, which is present in Iraq. Accordingly, Guardia Systems provided Fransabank with the latest technologies in surveillance, fire alarm and access control systems, to help safeguard the bank.

Central Bank of Nigeria

Central Banks, in any country, require high-end access control especially in a higher risk country like Nigeria. The system designed and implemented for the Central Bank of Nigeria is composed of:

  • Pedestrian access control based on card reader and fingerprint.
  • Vehicle access control based on license plate recognition.

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